About ClearPass

ClearPass helps you take proper measures to prevent the spread of the virus while maintaining a socially distanced workplace.
With ClearPass, your workforce has access to mission-critical tools right on their phone; screen for COVID symptoms, queue location access, and share key information.

The ClearPass Web App is powered by Michigan based technology company Red Level Group.

About Red Level

We are a technology company that is dedicated to help companies create and manage enterprise-grade IT systems, equipping them with the game-changing technologies they need to perform at their very best. We make businesses run better: More efficiently, more securely, more profitably. We transform your IT investment into a powerful competitive advantage – the engine of a flexible, extensible enterprise perfectly matched to today’s business climate, and ready for tomorrow’s.
Red Level can drive success for specific vital projects – or support your organization’s entire information infrastructure to ensure optimal reliability, productivity and efficiency. In all cases, Red Level aligns its efforts towards a clear goal: delivering outstanding value, and laying the technological groundwork for a smarter, stronger, faster enterprise.
Red Level helps growing companies to leverage the power of technology to achieve transformative business results:
Technology Consulting—Consultative technology advisory services helps growing companies develop and implement optimized technology strategies
Cloud Solutions – Comprehensive Cloud services and solutions that optimize business flexibility, stability, and performance
Managed IT Services—Flexible, scalable managed services ensure a peak-performing IT infrastructure while managing costs
App Development and Collaboration—Innovative, user-friendly, results-focused applications for O365, mobile, and web that move the needle for your business.
Your organization deserves world-class technology services. Your future demands it. Red Level delivers.